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Hello! I have decided starting this BLOG sharing with you my appearance in the last number of the magazine “Tot Girona”. Here you can read the interview in English:

Núria Ball-llosera

Home Stager and Photographer (Emotional Real Estate Marketing)

Home & Emotion makes it easy to you for attracting the ideal buyer

“Emotion is the first step of the selling path”

Núria, it is not easy to find that home we are looking for. Why?

The first impression is almost always through photos. If they do not show the real space or light, it is more difficult to imagine how it is and probably, we will not visit it.

What are we looking for in a house?

We want to feel emotion, see us living there, have good sensations. 85{88d415542e61612a914729ec2d73cd36c43084165971cdd9f96019a66a0748cd} of the buying decision is emotional. When we feel emotion, we know it is that home we have been searching.

What can we do to sell before and better?

Work on an attractive presentation.

How do you get a property to arise these emotions?

With Home Staging, a Real Estate Marketing technique that works on improving the presentation of the properties to help the selling process.

And the investment in these services is…

Less than 1{88d415542e61612a914729ec2d73cd36c43084165971cdd9f96019a66a0748cd} of the total value of the property. The benefits are much higher.

Home & Emotion offers you Home Staging services and also photography. Which is the first step?

We start with a consulting session and then we decide a the proper intervention according to the property. It will be different in a house with furniture or not, if it is for selling or renting. We offer other services to help in each case.

These services are only for the owners of the property?

No, I can also work with Real Estate Agents. Some of the services I offer are very helpful for them, such as working on show flats.

You can download it here and see the photos: INTERVIEW TOT GIRONA